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New Plugins!

[Owner] TheEpicPun C posted Apr 11, 17

Lava Sponge:

This plugins now allows players to use sponges to not only block up water but also block up lava!


Now you can /trade a player and give them money or items to make safe transations and prevent being scammed! 

Any plugin requests? Let us know on the forums or message either myself, Littlethreat or Lostelle on the Discord!

Map #2

[Owner] TheEpicPun C posted Apr 10, 17

Map 2 is now live. Be sure to use /kit reset when you log in - comes with starter gear and other items to get you started, and also includes some Tier 1 keys. We are sorry for the inconvience and hope everyone enjoys the updates and new start. Updated plugins such as /f top will be added in later today, but for now enjoy the server. Be sure to sign up to the website as it seems many are still not yet signed up - and if you have any questions, be sure to ask. Be sure to take advantage of the 50% off Easter Sale as well!

Puncraft PVP

[Owner] TheEpicPun C posted Mar 19, 17

After some mishaps with the provider everything has been straigtened out and we now have a much stronger server moving up into the 6GB area for Mem. Thank you all for being patient and also donating to make this all possible. We are going to have a HUGE drop party at 5PM EST(4 hours from now) Thank you everyone for playig Puncraft and I hope you keep coming back!

New Word IP!

[Owner] TheEpicPun C posted Mar 13, 17

New IP! 

IP: puncraft.net

If you connected with the old word IP please use the new word IP. 


[Owner] TheEpicPun C posted Mar 8, 17


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